International Graduate Programs other than the Global 30 Program


The Global 30 Program does not cover all international applications for the Department of Bioengineering, Architecture, nor Technology Management for Innovation. Please visit each department’s homepage for more detailed information about the department, faculty and courses.

If you are interested in programs other than the G30 Program, you need to contact each department/program office for more information about admission as a non-G30 applicant and follow the instructions given by the department/program office

Please click below for further information.
1. ► General admission to the Department of Bioengineering
2. ► General admission to the Department of Architecture
3. ► General admission to the Department of Technology Management for Innovation
4. ► Application for the School of Engineering through Japanese Embassy
5. ► General Information on Admissions for the Graduate School of Engineering
6. ► General Information on Admissions and Programs at the University of Tokyo