Currently Enrolled Students


A. Information Portal Sites

  1. Information Portal Sites by the School of Engineering (UT-SoE Portal Site)

    The portal site for students provides you lots of important information such as class schedule, scholarships, events, and so on. You can access this site basically from on-campus. If you would like to access it from off-campus, you need to take necessary procedures.
    Access to UT-SoE Portal Site is limited only to the current students at the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Please inquire for further access information to the Global 30 Office.


  3. Web Bulletin Board by the Dept. of Architecture (You need to have a password to access the "Current Student Page".



  5. Each department office bulletin board

    Try to check the Bulletin Board every day to get some useful information.

B. Student Gateway

    If you have any questions regarding your life at the University of Tokyo, please visit the Student Gateway and check each item. You may be able to find your answers including academic curriculum (such as lectures in English) from those links.

    ► Student Gateway

C. Scholarship Application ATER Enrolling at the University of Tokyo


D. Residency procedures

  • Start of a new residency management system
  • Extension of Period of Stay
  • Changing Your Status of Residence
  • A special re-entry permit system Obtaining Family Visas
  • Permission for Activities not Permitted by Status of Residence
  • Important points to note if you decide to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University
  • Procedures for Staying in Japan


E. Want to know more about Japan and meet lots of people?

    Register "Japanese Language Class" where you can learn Japanese language from the beginner's level to the advanced level and know learn Japanese cultures through many activities.

    Japanese Language Class (JCLse)


    "International Friday Lounge" provides you to meet students with variety of nationalities on here at UT Hongo campus and learn more about Japan.

    International Friday Lounge



F. Consultation and support

    If you need any kinds of consultation, you can visit us and /or e-mail us, the Global 30 Office at


    International Center Advising Room (International Center, Hongo Office) also provides you varieties of information. Please visit the website below for further information such as Cultural exchange programs, NEWS & TOPICS/EVENT INFO from International Students and Researchers Support Group, etc.

    International Center Advising Room


    There is also Division for Counselling and Support (Nandemo-Sodan=One-Stop Resources Office) of the University of Tokyo. Its new office has been just on in April 2013 as well.

    Division for Counselling and Support (Nandemo-Sodan=One-Stop Resources Office)


G. Medical Check-up and Health Consultation

    Do not forget to have an anual medical check-up for all current students in every Spring. Check at each department office for further information or UT-SoE Portal Site. Newly enrolled students in October can also have their medical check-up in October right after their arrival in Tokyo.

    If you have any medical concerns, you can visit the UT Health Center at Hongo campus with your UT student ID card.

    Division for Health Service Promotion (Health Service Center) of the University of Tokyo


H. If you plan to travel abroad

    If you plan to travel abroad including your home country, you need to submit your travel plans before and after your travel to the Department Office ([旅行届け」「帰国届け」).

    You can get a Student (National) Travel Discount Certificate (「学割」)from the UT-machine located at the Egg. Bldg. #8.


H. University of Tokyo Library System


G. Useful Links for Currently Enrolled Students