International Technology Management Program in the Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI)


The TMI Master’s course aims to nurture the next generation of technology managers thorough rigorous training in the theories and practice of innovation management. Courses are delivered by faculty as well as visiting lecturers from industry and government.

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International Technology Management Program in Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI) (G30-TMI)


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Technology Management for Innovation


Number to be Admitted


Limited numbers (Master's degree)

Starting Date


Admission date is scheduled to be October 01, 2023.

Admission and/or course registration to take place at the University of Tokyo's School of Engineering, Hongo Campus.

Intended Applicants This program welcomes students who are willing to learn about technology and management from a different perspective. Students are encouraged to aspire to become central figures in industry and governments in the drive for innovation.



The curriculum consists of classes offered by the Department of TMI, project-based training courses and the completion of a master’s thesis.

The classes are divided into three groups based on a main topic of study.
• Technology Development (Group A)
• Management Science (Group B)
• Intellectual Property Management (Group C)

To obtain a master’s degree, at least three classes from Group A; three classes from Group B; and one class from Group C must be taken. The classes are taught in English, with some also taught in Japanese. Supplementary Japanese courses are also provided if necessary.

In addition to project-based training and group-work, students will also be expected to write a thesis on a topic of their own choosing. Students also have the opportunity to take an internship at a company, with students in the past working at electronics, automobile, trading, international law, and consulting firms. We accept seven students each year; exceptional candidates will be nominated for a Japanese government scholarship.

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How to Apply Online


Things to be checked out;
  1. the Application Guidelines for Global 30 programs;
  2. Read both
      1). Application Guidelines for all Special English Graduate Program, and
      2). Application Guidelines for Globabl30 Special English Program
  3. G30-TMI applicants must submit both TOEFL and GRE-General (required) and GRE-Subject Mathematics(strongly recommended) . G30-TMI does not accept IELTS and GMAT.
    1. (G30-TMI) Acceptable Standardized Tests Scores

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  4. Go to "Application Procedures" to create your account in T-cens.

  5. Confirm "Course Summary" about the details of your chosen course.

  6. (This site will be updated on 2022/8/1 for October 2023 entry.)

►If you are interested in other programs, such as MEXT scholarship through the Japanese Embassy in your home country, please check from here.

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