Student activities


If you are interested in having a look at what some of our students' activities are, please visit the links below where you can get an idea of what are the activities of Global 30 Program students.
Department of Architecture -

Obuchi Lab / Global 30 Architecture and Urbanism

What's New at the Dept. of Architecture

Department of Bioengineering - What's New at the Dept. of Bioengineering
Department of TMI - What's New at the Dept. of TMI

SoE-G30 Work Study Program

  • Tutor for newly enrolling students at the G30-TMI and the G30-UDA
  • Web design
  • Poster and Flyer designer for the UT-SNU Remote Lecture Program
  • Teaching Assistance for software classes
  • Teaching Assistance for design studios
  • Teaching Assistance for undergraduate classes