Architecture and Urban Design (UDA)


The Global 30 Urban Design and Architecture Course at the University of Tokyo is dedicated to the interdisciplinary design research connecting architecture, engineering and computations to explore the emerging discourses on architecture and urbanism. It seeks to develop and speculate new knowledge for architecture where the practice of design engages in both social constructs and material performances. It aims to explore the potential of architecture as the essential element to theorize, analyze, organize and generate new ideas of and for the evolving built environments.


Course Title


Architecture and Urban Design Course (G30-UDA)


►For more detailed information on G30-UDA, please view the G30 digital pamphlet located on the home page.

► Information on Architecture and Urban Design Course (G30-UDA: T_TDS)

Topics of study in the G30-UDA course must be within a field approved by Associate Professor Yusuke Obuchi, a faculty member at the Dept. of Architecture. If you are interested in fields other than those explored in G30-UDA, please visit the Department of Architecture's web page for information on other courses.





Number of Students to be Admitted


Ten (10) master's degree students

Start Date


20 September 2019 (tentative)

(tentative) Admission and/or course registration to take place at the University of Tokyo's School of Engineering, Hongo Campus.
Intended Applicants Entry for G30-UDA is open to talented international graduate students. Previous education in architecture is not required, but it is strongly preferred. For more details about the research topics explored in G30-UDA, please refer to
► Information on Architecture and Urban Design Course (G30-UDA).



► Global30 Architecture and Urbanism Course Requirements
► Lectures and Symposium at Global30 Architecture and Urbanism

How to Apply Online


  1. Please read the Application Guidelines for Global 30 programs; September 2019 enrollment and confirm your application eligibility and some important information.
  2. Detailed application information including the Course Summary for September 2019 enrolment will be announced on August 3rd, 2018.
  3. Meanwhile read the Guidance Information for September 2018 and understand the eligibility requirements, enrollment period, required documents, language scores, etc.
  4. G30-UDA applicants must submit both TOEFL / IELTS and GRE-General scores.
    Standardized Test Scores' Requirements for September 2018 enrollment
    (as of June15, 2018)
    Test score requirement How to Submit Official Test Scores' Submission Deadline Validity


    DI code: 8596
    Dept. code: 99
    (Either TOEFL or IELTS must be submitted)
    Your official score report forwarded directly from test center (ETS / IELTS) must be submitted

    December 25, 2018

    The validity period for scores from an external testing office center are as follow. At the date for document submission (November 30, 2018), scores must be within the period of validity.
    TOEFL:2 years
    IELTS: 2 years
    GRE: 5 years


    DI code: 8596
    Dept. code: 99



    Your official score report forwarded directly from test center (ETS) must be submitted.

    December 25, 2018

  5. Go to "Application Procedures" to create your account in T-cens.

  6. For further application information, refer to the Guidance Information for September 2018