International Bioengineering (IBP)


International Bioengineering seeks to recruit qualified individuals from around the global, regardless of nationality and provide them with advanced education in the fields of life science and biotechnology. At the same time, we seek to considerably enhance the levels of basic research for nurturing new industries in these fields. Through advanced education and research activities, we are able to fulfill the aspirations of the Graduate School of Engineering as a whole: to act as a leader in creating an engineering environment with Asia as its core.


Course Title


International Bioengineering Program (G30-IBP)


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Number to be Admitted


Ten (10) master's degree students

Start Date


20 September 2019 (tentative)

Admission and/or course registration to take place at the University of Tokyo's School of Engineering, Hongo Campus.

Intended Applicants
  • G30-IBP provides qualified individuals with advanced education in the fields of life science and biotechnology.
  • Curriculum


    The education and research of the Department of Bioengineering is divided into six fields: mechanobio-engineering, bioelectronics, biodevices, chemical bioengineering, biomaterials and bioimaging.

    In this new international program, lectures concerning general bioengineering-related concepts and specific topics in each of the six fields of research will be conducted, as well as more intimate discussion- based seminars both in basic bioscience and bioindustry. We are especially attentive to the inclusion of the latest research achievements from each of the six fields in our lecture content. In addition to these classes, students must conduct a master thesis research in each laboratory.

    Through specialized education and research curriculum, G30-IBP is able to foster exceptional students with good English communication skills in science and engineering and who have both a wide vision and specific expertise in at least one of the six areas, so that they may take active roles in the research and development of rapidly advancing bioengineering-related fields.

    Students are requested to obtain over 30 credits to complete the program. A minimum of 12 credits must be acquired through the completion of at least one specific lecture (2 credits) from each of the 6 fields of bioengineering. Each class is elective. A minimum of 13 credits must be acquired from seminars (2 credits each, compulsory) and credits concerning advanced experiments (6 credits) and research (4 credits) in conducting their Master’s thesis (compulsory).

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    How to Apply Online


    1. Please read the Application Guidelines for Global 30 programs; September 2019 enrollment and confirm your application eligibility and some important information.
    2. Detailed application information including the Course Summary for September 2019 enrolment will be announced on August 3, 2018.
    3. Meanwhile read the Guidance Information for September 2018 and understand the eligibility requirements, enrollment period, required documents, language scores, etc.
    4. G30-IBP (Bioengineering) is only for master's degree. Applicants for doctoral degree program need to apply through IME Graduate Programs
    5. G30-IBP prefers TOEFL or IELTS . GRE-General is strongly recommended.
      Standardized Test Scores' Requirements for September 2018 enrollment
      (as of July 14, 2018)
      Test score requirement How to Submit Official Test Scores' Submission Deadline Validity


      DI code: 8596
      Dept. code: 99
      One of the test scores / certificate must be submitted, however TOEFL or IELTS score is strongly recommended. Your official score report forwarded directly from test center (ETS / IELTS) needs to be submitted. December 25, 2018 The validity period for scores from an external testing center are as follow. At the date for document submission (November 30, 2018), scores must be within the period of validity.
      TOEFL:2 years
      IELTS: 2 years
      GRE: 5 years


      Other English language tests
      The Certificate of English as the Medium of Instruction Send a document attested and signed by the University Registrar. November 30, 2018
      DI code: 8596
      Dept. code: 99


      Strongly recommended

      Your official score report forwarded directly from test center (ETS) need to be submitted.

      December 25, 2018

    6. Go to "Application Procedures" to create your account in T-cens.

    7. For further application information , refer to the Guidance Information for September 2018