What's New at the G30 Program at the Graduate School of Engineering?

Generate Opportunities for Students to share and collaborate on research projects at global scale

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Located in the heart of the oldest and most distinguished universities in Japan,
the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo attracts many students who come to the school to develop advanced, innovative and exciting research projects.
The school is ranked as one of the highest among universities in Asia, and carries out major research projects worldwide.

The School of Engineering, the largest graduate school in the University of Tokyo, pursues research through its commitments in creative intellectual developments, technical innovations and engaging with emerging technologies. Ultimately, it aims to contribute to the sustainable social development for all human activities. The research conducted at the School of Engineering covers a diverse range of areas from the experiments on hardware to the fields of information technology and artificial intelligence; investigations on social systems including environmental issues, disaster prevention, energy and urban planning; studies on the human being; explorations into life sciences, medical and other interdisciplinary fields. By maintaining collaborations with many other engineering entities, the school has achieved a number of outstanding research projects and applications required for today’s world and future societies.

In order to further enhance its academic activities in both Japan and overseas, in 2009, the School of Engineering has launched Global 30, a new postgraduate program built around an English-as-a-global-language academic environment to promote internationalization within the school. The objective of this new program is to provide education to promising, qualified students from all around the world, and to generate opportunities for the students to share and collaborate on research projects at global scale. The new master’s degree program is designed to promote the Japanese language and to provide a platform for both academic and cultural interactions among Japanese and international students. As one of our first step to create a bilingual educational environment, the School of Engineering has started accepting full-time students for the above mentioned master’s courses:

東京大学大学院工学系研究科では、留学生・日本人学生双方に益する国際化を推進するた に、国際言語としての「英語」環境を整備し、高度な資質・力量を有する人材を世界から集め教育している。留学生には、英語による授業の提供も行っている が、併せて日本語能力涵養と文化の相互理解を可能とする環境整備を進めている。これらの一つの手法として、工学系研究科に「グローバル30英語特別コー ス」を設置し、2010年10月から留学生の受け入れを始めた。


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