2017 S1,S2 Term

(April 2017 - July 2017)


Since 2007, Seoul National University and The University of Tokyo have joined efforts to internationalize curricula and student experience, broadening their perspective, by exchanging outstanding lectures. The UTokyo-SNU Remote Lecture Program offers the unique opportunity for direct contact between domestic students and foreign professors in real time, providing a global educational experience. By using a TV conferencing system, live or two-directional lectures are delivered to students. The common language for the Remote Lecture Program is English as it is most widely used in the academic world.

2007年より、ソウル国立大学校と東京大学は優れた講義を互いに共有し、よりグローバルで先端的なカ リキュラムと、経験を学生に提供することで、彼らの視野を広げる試みを継続してきました。その一環であるUTokyo-SNU遠隔交換講義プログラムは、東京大学 の学生と相手国の教員とをリアルタイムで繋げ、国境を越えた教育体験を得る貴重な機会となっております。講義は、アカデミックな世界での標準語である英語 を共通言語とし、テレビ会議システムを通じて行われます。

What's News

Apr. 07,, 2017 Remote lecture (2017 S1,S2) starts.

Sept.30, 2016: Remote lectures (2016 A1,A2) start.

Apr. 01 2015: Remote lectures (2015 Spring-Summer) start.

Oct. 01, 2014: Remote lectures (2014 Autumn-Winter) start.

Apr. 07, 2014: Remote lectures start from April.

Oct. 01, /2013: Remote lectures start from Ocober.

Apr. 01, 2013: Remote lectures start from April.

Sept. 28, 2012: Remote lectures start from October.

Apr. 04, 2012: Please notice that the lectures of Environmental Challenges and Leadershipin Asia-B (E) will be held in Eng. Bldg. #14, Room 145

March 28, 2012: Remote lectures start from April

March 28, 2012: This web page is open



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    The Global 30 Office

    Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education (IIIEE)
    The School of Engineering
    The University of Tokyo



  • お問い合わせは、工学系研究科国際事業推進センター グローバル30推進室まで

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